The Violence Against Women Act

I’ve had quite a bit of emails from people who unfortunately oppose VAWA. I’m posting some political debates that I’ve had with certain people who oppose the Violence Against Women Act. Their names and email addresses will not be posted as it may lead to legal action. 

The first political debate I’m posting is between a mens rights activist and myself. This debate was held in April 11th, 2014. 

MRA: Hello Alisa, I saw your website and I support women’s rights. However, you are a supporter of VAWA. I however oppose such law as it costs over $60 billion per year to have. We can’t afford it. It costs too much money and I prefer not to spend my hard earned cash on a law that does not benefit the public enough. they can get plenty of help without VAWA. 

My response: Hello sir, thank you for the email. I’m a supporter of VAWA because there are many victims of domestic violence who are not getting the help they need. Domestic violence victims live in fear, pain, control, and hurt. It does cost quite a lot of money, but why put a price on a human beings life? Put yourself in a female domestic violence victims shoes, feeling trapped. If you move out, you have no place to go. You would be living on the streets, cold, and hungry. That’s obviously not an option. If you stay, you continue being abused. If you call the police with no evidence to prove that you were abused, what will happen when the police come over to you’re house? Well they help? What if he doesn’t get arrested? What punishment will he give you for reporting him? What about the kids? You need to think about what different options are available for the victims before assuming that they can get the proper help they need without assistance from trained, experienced people. I look forward to your response and have a nice day.

-Alisa Schnackel (Founder of WRN blog)

We no longer need feminism? Hmm… Let’s see… rape still happens, violence still happens, sexism still happens, sexual harassment still happens, human trafficking still happens, and murder still happens…. 

Hmmm… I wonder, who will fight for the victims without the “unecessary” feminism.

My point has been made.